March 2011 – Deep Sky Target List

I have posted my March/April 2011 target list for your perusal (as exported from Astro Planner).  The list shows about 1800+ deep sky objects in the easy to intermediate skill range.  A variety of types, sizes, rise/set times, and other variables as well.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and/or comments.  The file linked here is an Excel file, let  me know if you would rather a raw csv file.


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Crazy Little Moon Moth…


Just walking by my back deck today, saw this crazy little guy. I have seen moon moths that are weird glowing green, dark green and even white before, but never have I seen a brown one. He is pretty cool!

Then he up and flew away shortly after. Neat to look at while he was there!

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Re-Invigorating Our Space Faring Ways – Part II – Public Outreach

The Augustine Report was released this month, and there isn’t much good news for those of us who want to see NASA accomplish all of its goals in human space flight. The choices are all tough, many folks employment future at NASA has been placed in uncertainty, and no tangible results will be reached until nearly 2020 under the best of options. One Twitter Spacetweep said it best, “I guess we are all bogged down in trivia, and don’t have the same curiosity and excitement anymore.” Therein lies the problem with human space flight…it doesn’t carry with it the excitement anymore.

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