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Gebel Kamil and Mundrabilla Meteorite Additions.

From time to time, I stumble upon Meteorite Specimen that I just can’t walk by.  These rocks from space often times grip me in ways that are hard to explain, and I often feel compelled to purchase them.  Sometimes it’s from a significant fall, sometimes it’s due to a fascinating shape or color, and sometimes it just fulfills the compulsion of the moment.  This time around, I’ve chosen two specimens to add to the collection.

Gebel Kamil

This is a beautiful acquisition.  This rock is relatively flat with only about 21mm thickness.  It has this really cool snakeskin texture on the one side, and an amazing sheen over a dark brown patina on the front side. The regmaglypts (thumbprint shapes) are teeny structures that measure smaller than a single millimeter.  There are a variety of melting indicators, fractures, and bends on the rocks’ edges.  These features indicate that the sample is a shrapnel from a larger event.

Gebel Kamil 220.1g

Photo Credit: Suzanne Morrison/Geoff Notkin/Aerolite Meteorites

220.1g Gebel Kamil Meteorite

Photo Credit: Suzanne Morrison/Geoff Notkin/Aerolite Meteorites

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