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Crazy Little Moon Moth…


Just walking by my back deck today, saw this crazy little guy. I have seen moon moths that are weird glowing green, dark green and even white before, but never have I seen a brown one. He is pretty cool!

Then he up and flew away shortly after. Neat to look at while he was there!

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Endless Supply of Oil? Well maybe not!

Here is an email I sent out to a group of friends related to the following article:

Is there an endless supply of oil? – by Russ Vaughn

Now I am not schooled enough either way, but had a little fun, and possibly poked a few holes in the idea…

This was my response to the email thread going on about this among my friends:

Hmmmm…i feel a bit puzzled after reading the article. I had always been taught the deep crust theories. However, the truth probably lies somewhere between the two. The argument for running out, I had thought, was always based on what we can cheaply get at? I guess i had never considered that the deep crust activities could be flowing up to the top re-plenishing at the rate of what we are consuming. Of course the author/theory stops short of making that claim.
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