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Building My Very Own Observatory: Location… Location… Location

As far as amateur astronomers go, I am about as fortunate as it comes. The list of fortunes I have going for me is endless, and I am so grateful for what I have and what I have access to. First, at the very top of the list is my involvement in the Kopernik Observatory and Space Education Center and the Kopernik Astronomical Society (KAS). Located in the foothills of the town of Vestal, near Binghamton, NY, is this beautiful educational facility equipped with top notch astro-equipment, top notch staff, and of course the involvement of the top notch KAS. The equipment list of this facility is staggering, including three fully functional domes, three high quality telescopes (including an OGS 20” RC).

Next on the list, is my local neighborhood. Although I am still in the suburbs, I have fairly dark skies for being the heart of the burbs. My next door neighbor is a huge astronomy enthusiast, and my own personal collection of equipment is slightly above average.

Next on the list, probably the darkest accessible skies in the northeast are only 3 hours away in Cherry Springs State Park, PA. To pack up and go to this awesome attraction is a pretty convenient thing, especially for the quality of skies that can be had there.

Despite all of my access to the needed tools of the hobby, I still crave building my own observatory. This is the start of a long journey to get to that point, and I am going to try and record each and every detail here to share my discoveries with others.

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