Revisiting Some Old Data – NGC 4565 – The Needle Galaxy

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Here’s NGC 4565, The Needle Galaxy and some other galaxies. LRGB Image with about 5 hours of capture time. This data was captured using a Stellarvue SVX102T and a ZWO ASI1600MMP.

This was an older data set that I reprocessed today.  I wondered how my newer workflow performed on old data.  I saw quite the improvement, but still need better data.

The thing that I love about images like this, is how you make a very impressive galaxy the center of attention…we all do it. I mean look at that dust lane and the hints at some of the ripples of the dust around the edge of the galaxy. Who can resist doing that? That is great, but picture this in your mind (yep that is always a getting deep indicator). Assume this galaxy is the size of The Milky Way galaxy. Then start scanning the image, and see all the “teeny-tiny” galaxies there? Wow! Look at all that potential for life, solar systems, amazing physics, history, etc… So Much there, and this image isn’t even saturated with these additional galaxies. Welcome to the wonder of Galaxy Season!

NGC 4565, The Needle Galaxy and some other galaxies

Coming Soon:

  • Image Processing Workflow
  • An annotated image showing other objects in the field.