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OK, by day, I’m an Information and Technology geek who supports collaborative computing applications such as SharePoint, Windchill PDM, and whatever source of a fire can happen that day.  My experiences vary…everything from server selection and design, infrastructure layout and architecture, security design in application layers, hardware layers, and network layers, and software/system engineering.  I love my work, and I take it very seriously.







By evening, I’m a husband to a lovely wife and a father of a rapidly growing 5 year old daughter.  These are the apples of each of my eyes.  I love these girls.  Lots of fun playing and working hard together.  We have a good time and a good life.  My wife dreads technology, and she spends a lot of time smiling and nodding about my interests.  She is a very good sport!   My daughter on the other hand is a sponge.  She loves technology and she adores the stars, planets, galaxies, and space flight


By night, I tweet, gaze at the heavens, learn and play…my way.  There is simply nothing better than looking into deep space to soothe the mind and put things into perspective.  I love space flight as well as anything to do with that which is not of this world. I love observational astronomy, have an interest in astrophotography, dream about spaceflight, and of course there isn’t a gadget I have met that I didn’t like.

Interest in gadgets ranges from mobile devices, astronomy gear, handheld devices, to camera and video equipment.  It’s true, I get a new smart phone every year.


My current astronomy equipment lineup includes:

  • Meade LX200R SCT
  • Celestron C-11 SCT
  • Explorer Scientific 127mm Triplet Refractor
  • Losmandy G11 Mount/Tripod
  • Celstron CG-5 Mount/Tripod

If you have similar astro-gear, let me know, would love to learn from you about this gear!


I’m a member of the Kopernik Astronomical Society, and an avid supporter/volunteer for the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center located in Vestal, NY.  This is a great place for astronomy enthusiasts in Upstate NY, and is fairly well stoked with high quality gear.


I also have an amazing love affair with nature.  I love fishing! Nothing beats bobbing around in a lake or hiking up a stream in a chase of that evasive big trout.  I’m also a sucker for a nice long hike, birding, being submerged in nature, kayaking, camping, and all things outdoors.  It is especially great when one can combine both astronomy and camping into the same event!

I love a good joke, and have an excellent sense of humor about almost everything!  I’m aspiring to become a good writer and photographer.  But progress on both of these are going slowly.  That is what this blog is for 🙂




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